Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Options for Your Granite Memorial

You've chosen your monument design, picked out the granite color and decided what size your monument should be. The next step is to design what your memorial will look like, including family name, birth and death dates, design components, and any verses/sayings/epitaphs that you may want on your headstone.

Once these "basics" are covered, you can get creative, choosing to add small or large statuary or maybe something simpler like a vase. Adding one or two vases to your design often requires lengthening the base of the monument. Many manufacturers provide round and square granite vases in the same granite colors offered in their monument designs. And don't be afraid to ask for vases in a contrasting or coordinating (but not matching) granite color, so the memorial is unique and even further personalized.

Talk with your counselor about all of the options available, such as laser etched scenes, beautifully detailed ceramic portraits, cremation holes, etc. Color can be added by selecting a colored litho for the lettering, or ask about hand coloring your laser etched scene. And don't forget about the back of your monument. You can literally DOUBLE the space for personalization!!

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