Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Personal Cremation Options

For many who choose cremation, the option of a cremation garden or large public columbarium does not fit the image of their final resting place.

Many people choose a more personal memorial that can be set on their existing cemetery property, or placed on private land, usually belonging to family. They are looking for a more private way to contain their ashes after cremation.

Cremation memorials offer different options of personalization, memorialization and final placement.  There are actually more memorialization options for cremation than there are for burial.  With some research, and with the help of your funeral professional, you will be surprised at the number of choices that are available to you.

Few things help in the healing process more than a meaningful ceremony. You may desire a funeral or memorial service at the funeral home or a place of worship before or after cremation. Burying an urn in a cemetery remains a popular choice for many families.  It provides a permanent resting place where generations of families and friends can visit.  When choosing burial, an urn vault is generally required by the cemetery. These urns can be personalized as well as the actual memorial that holds the urn(s). The choices range from traditional style monuments, to pedestals-often customized to reflect the life of the departed (dolphins, golfing, firefighting, etc.). Many benches are also available in either stock or customer created designs. Granite is so versatile that it allows you to create the perfect memorial from what simply begins as "rock'.

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