Friday, August 23, 2013

Custom Shaped Granite Memorials

There are many memorial dealers throughout the US that offer standard granite monuments such as markers, bevels, serp tops, ledgers and other "usual" die and base combinations. But for some, their last wish is to stand out in the cemetery, not just blend in with the other grave markers. Do you want your memorial to mimic the other stones resting in the cemetery?
If you said no, then a stone manufacturer could be your new best friend! The ability to quarry unique sizes and shapes in raw granite allows total customization of the rock. A sculptor and client can often work directly on the specifics of the project together. Once the conceptual part of the monument is complete, the project becomes a collaborative effort between the manufacturer and the family member, often assisted by service couselors within the funeral home or cemetery. 

Suggestions from the client include changes to scale, texture, color, shape and finish-and are often very helpful in drafting out the custom piece. Many drawings and photos are provided throughout the sculpting process to insure the final result meets the family's expectations and original vision.

The client's expectations are relayed to the sculptor, and after cutting and shaping, the flow of the monument through final "finishing" areas within the plant, keeps the project moving forward on the manufacturers projected schedule. The resulting memorial is one that will stand out among other stone memorials in any chosen resting place. And can be accessorized with matching (multiple or stepped) bases and with single or double round and square vases.

Cemeteries and funeral counselors may be able to help answer questions that you may have. Be sure to choose a granite manufacturer that can offer previous examples, photos or drawings to help you through the creation process.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Basics for Funeral Home Signs

The architectural plans were finished and followed when you built your funeral home. And whether you chose a gable roof, cast-stone columns, or a square tower with masonry accents, you've managed to create a warm and welcoming place for bereaved families. But don't overlook the importance of designing and installing a coordinating sign to welcome visitors and market your business. Whether letter choices on the sign are serif or san-serif, roman or script, it should collectively be a reflection of you, and your commitment to those that you serve. A manufacturing company or a drafter/designer can help you put the pieces together.

Placing a coat of arms, for example, on the sign can reflect the fact that your family has passed down this profession for generations; leaving families with a greater sense of trust in their time of need. Or maybe you've just completed a large-scale renovation and want your sign to reflect the modern updates to your facility. A redesign might be needed to update older (and potentially weathered or damaged) signs. Granite is a good material choice for signage because of the strength and durability that comes from solid rock.

Whatever you choose to include on your sign, make sure the address is clearly visible (if included) and be sure the overall size of the sign fits both the space it's occupying and the surrounding space(s). Also ensure that the size is large enough to be easily read from different directions, and by cars driving past at varying speeds. Make sure color choices provide a nice visual contrast and be sure to include landscape lighting, so your investment will be visible at night.