Monday, November 18, 2013

What to Ask for When Designing Your Memorial

Flat Carving is also called sandblasting. No carving or shaping is done to add further detail to the artwork. The outline and some features are cut directly into the surface to reveal the design as flat or one dimensional.

Shape Carving also starts out with sandblasting. The outline of the design is cut into the surface and the interior elements are further shaped by hollowing out certain areas to create a relief look to the design. Shape carving is generally used for flowers and the leaves of plants and trees as well as the hands and wings of angels and saints to add even more detail to the design.

Sculpting or Hand Carving into the surface of the stone is called Bas Relief. Done by a sculptor, the shape of the image can be touched and the depth can be felt. An image can be sculpted within a recessed area "niche" or sculpted out of the whole stone to provide a 3-dimensional "full round" design. The distinction between high and low relief is somewhat subjective, and the two are very often combined in a single work.

A bas-relief or "low relief" is a projecting image with a shallow overall depth, for example used on coins, on which all images are in low relief. It is a technique which requires less work, and is therefore cheaper to produce, as less of the background needs to be removed in a carving.

 These can also be used in combination with each other, depending upon the overall design of the monument. Contact a monument manufacturer for more information on any of these options and for professional help in designing your memorial.